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    DIIV Rehearsal Outtakes for Stereogum Cover Story. © Ryan Muir

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    “I feel like there’s all this weird mythology that sort of surrounds me, and it distracts from the purity of the band. If somebody mentioned DIIV, they wouldn’t hum the song, they’d be like, ’Oh yeah, the guy who got pulled over driving a stolen car with heroin in it.’ I really hate that.”

    Read our Cover Story on DIIV’s Zachary Cole Smith.

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    Katie Scott.

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    the sound of music

    not mine

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    Beach Fossils - Clash The Truth (2013)

    From Peter Campus’s 1973 experimental video “Three Transitions”.


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    Cole Smith

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    The Horrors @ Heineken Jazzaldia

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    You haven’t lived if you haven’t seen little Rhys Webb

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    Joe smiling (◡‿◡)